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Overdrive Pedal

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Check out the Goddess Overdrive Tone

Big Shout out to Troy Cassar-Daley for taking the re issue BAM Goddess through the versatile range of sounds on offer from mild transparent overdrive boost and sustain all the way up to wild 'stack' distortion. Troy is playing his favoured Truman Stratocaster through a Fender Princeton.

Thanks to the team at Simon Hughes Photography for the pedal photography and final video editing. Thanks Again Troy! BAM

Brian Y.jpg

The designer, Brian, circa 1997 playing a strat whilst considering the sound and waveform on the oscilloscope. In the foreground on the desk, a prototype of the new overdrive circuit is being tested

The Goddess The Guitar Pedal. 

Brian Morrison, the designer and founder of BAM has redeveloped his Goddess pedal that defines “overdrive”.

Brian set out to deliever an overdrive pedal that would provide some extra zing, grit and sustain 'without' altering the essential tone of your guitar amp combination. These units are an updated re issue of the BAM Goddess

that was marketed in Australia between 1998 - 2003.

Brian believes the best distorted guitar tones are from a guitar amp turned up loud, the output section of a valve (tube) amp being overdriven and saturated with harmonics that are then tempered by the high frequency roll off characteristic of the typical guitar speaker. Further to the distortion is the dynamic feel from the amplifier power supply that is struggling to keep up with the demands placed on it and "sagging" and compressing the output.

The Goddess is the Result 


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