We asked BAM why?
The overwhelming majority of overdrive boost pedals on the market today are derivatives of traditional
diode clipping designs. At BAM we developed an alternative approach. The GODDESS is a unique twin
stage clipping design that creates warm sounding distortion harmonics whilst maintaining

the full timbre of Guitar tone.

In addition to merely adding distortion, the GODDESS overdrive includes a subtle on board compressor.
The opto coupled compressor has been tailored to match the transient quality of standard electric
guitar pickups. It does not squash or blanket the tone, rather the effect is to refine the delivery of
distortion harmonics for a more amp like dynamic feel - sounding good!

Other overdrive pedals on the market nearly all include a tone control of some sort. Usually this is simply a treble roll off
achieved by a passive filter circuit. The GODDESS includes a dedicated active EQ stage to achieve
treble Boost and cut. Once again the centre frequency of this stage has been optimised for standard
electric guitar pickups - sounding even better!

When it comes to how GODDESS looks she's unique. Mass production
generally favours powder coating that gives a durable uniform finish. Each GODDESS pedal case is
hand sprayed painted at the BAM workshop. The green hammer tone paint will “lay” and set on each
enclosure in a unique pattern. Just like fingerprints, no two BAM pedals will appear identical!

On board adjustable guitar compressor.

No two BAM pedals are exactly the same.

Original twin stage clipping design.

Active EQ stage for treble boost/cut.

GODDESS not just...

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