The Goddess Overdrive is the ultimate in natural (transparent)  sounding distortion with a versatile gain range from mild clean boost up to wild saturated distortion.


The on board adjustable compression sustain circuit enhances the amp like feel of the unique multiple assymetrical clipping stages. The compression attack and decay has been painstakingly optimised for standard electric guitar pickups and can achieve long singing sustain, or not, as you choose. 


The subtle compression refines the travel in and out of clipping - the result is more gradual, resulting in a less harsh, dynamic feel akin to an overdriving tube amp.

The Goddess Overdrive

    • Treble Boost/Cut tone control (12 o clock is flat) 
    • 'Stack' function turns from mild to wild at the flick of a switch
    • 'Sustain' switch controls your choice of compression
    • Total Bypass switching
    • Optional internal 9 volt Battery
    • Standard negative tip 9 volt socket for external supply
    • Hi Reliability double sided PCB design with oversized tracks and pads
    • Tough diecast alloy enclosure