Customer Reviews

Brian, I gotta say I love the rawness and edginess of the GODDESS. I  have been comparing to other overdrive pedals. It definitely is more amp like and is mids flat, especially compared to tubescreamer type pedals which get a bit tiresome because of the exaggerated mid hump. It certainly produces a sound that sets it apart from the pack.
 J. Champ. Adelaide.

Hi Brian your stomp box (Goddess) is awsome. It has got a really nice tone for clean blues that does not colour the sound. Great as a volume boost too.
A. Izzo.  Adelaide. Australia


Hey Brian, just want to say that I really love the Goddess. Finally got the chance to give it a spin yesterday. I already have about half doz overdrives and yours is by far the best sounding. Really like the way the basic guitar timbre is retained...along with the bottom end! Great design mate.
Nick K. Richmond. Australia

Hi Brian, I actually love the pedal! (Goddess) It is kinda pretty much on the money for what I have been looking for lately. I find it works with my strat really well - and for jazz with my 335, just gives it a bit of extra kick!
D. Rowe. Kensington. Australia

Exquisite pedals Brian. As you might recall, I have been searching for a Goddess after borrowing one 20 odd years ago. Almost, as if by providence, I stumbled upon an original & classic overdrive and (following a quick Internet search) discovered who was behind them and that they are back in production. Sincere thanks. I have blown a whole lot of money over 30 odd years on MANY overdrives and distortions. The search has ended.
C. J Smith. Melbourne Victoria.

Love mine gives me a great lead tone with so much headroom.
James Kerr. Adelaide SA.

I recently bought a second hand Goddess (series 1) and I LOVE it. I’m just loving it as usual. It’s just so much fatter and warmer than ANY other gain pedal I’ve owned.
M. Meehan. NSW.

I was just about to respond to a post about favourite overdrives on a pedal page and mention the original BAM Overdrive I bought from Derringers back in the late ‘90s and was going to bemoan the fact that sadly BAM didn’t seem to exist anymore. I tried googling for a picture of my pedal (because I’m at work and can’t take a photo) and one of the first results was a YouTube video of a guy demoing the BAM Goddess. I was stunned when I realised it was uploaded only a month ago, and a few clicks later I discover a) you’re still doing stuff, and b) you’re still in Adelaide. Anyway, just wanted to say how much I love my 20-something year old BAM OD. I f*** love that pedal so much.
Sasa Pazeski-Nikoloski

Finally received the pedal yesterday. Sounds great!! Totally worth the wait! Thanks Again.
T.S. Florida USA